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Consultation for Kinds of Magical Talisman Heirlooms
Consult about Magical Talisman Heirloom which is known by people as a device for Compassion, Household Harmony, Luck in Business, Luck in Trade, Commerce, Supernatural Protection, Supernatural Rawatan, Luck and Fortune, Opening Aura, Awaking Supernatural Brother and the other Magical Heirlooms such as gemstone amulets, heirloom, rajah, asmak, karomah chaplet, supernatural attraction, and the other magical objects. 
Magical Gemstone 
Consult about Magical Gemstone which has become a culture in society and it is assured that has magical power such as spiritual power, supernatural, magic power, compassion, charmer power, lucking power, puter giling power, jaran goyang power, protection power, reinforcement power, supernatural disruption power, treatment, and many more.

Mani Gajah Oil and Mani Gajah Mustika 
Consult about Mani Gajah Oil and Mani Gajah Mustika. What is the difference? Society believes that The Original Mani Gajah Oil is elephant sperm which has been packaged into oil and can be used for pelet and powerful compassion. Then, Mani Gajah Mustika is a fossil that its shape looks like elephant sperm which freeze into gemstone. Society believes that The Original Mani Gajah Oil as a powerful heirloom to attract the opposite sex, subduing heart, pelet, bringing back the partner, and super compassion. 

Mustika Merah Delima (Light up in the Water) 
Consult about Merah Delima Gemstone which is the most hunted by people because its magic is familiarly powerful. If this stone put in to the water, it will change the color of water into scarlet. 

Mustika Secang (It also changes the color of water into scarlet) 
Consult about Mustika Secang which is actually not made from Gemstone, but from Wood. Mustika Secang or Kayu Secang has known in society that it can change into the scarlet water. It is happened because actually the sap wood can change the color of water. Kayu Secang is already proven to treatment, particularly to heal skin disease like eczema, itching, and cleaning the negative aura, etc.

Mustika Sereh or Mustika Serai 
Consult about Mustika Serai which is popular made from lemongrass tree when blooming. This Mustika is often hunted by Malaysian because many people there has proven its efficacy in trading, luck in trade, attract many customers. 

Geliga Lipan or Mustika Siluman Lipan 
Consult about Geliga Lipan which is popular come from Centipede Incarnation. It becomes public hunting. It is assured for the owner of this mustika can see-through, mastering a high level power such as Ilmu Terawangan, Opening Inner Eye, Sixth Sense, etc. 

Mustika Kelapa (Anti Stale and Poison) 
Consult about Mustika Kelapa which is the most hunted by Asian People because its popular efficacy for Anti Stale, Anti Poison, Success in Commerce, Luck in Trade, Facile in Business, Achieving position easily. Reputedly, Mustika Kelapa is made from inside of Coconut or in Javanese it is called Kentos Kelapa (seed of coconut). 

Geliga Ular 
Consult about Geliga Ular or Mustika Ular which has savor can make the owner be a powerful and respected by people. 

Geliga Landak/Mustika Landak 
Consult about Mustika Landak which is founded in Hedgehog’s Stomach. It is only hedgehog which get spiritual boon which can found mustika landak in its stomach. 

Mustika Air 
Consult about Mustika Air which is shaped clear as water. This mustika has been believable as charm power to attract the opposite sex, arousing the authority in order to be respected all parties, cleaning negative energy in order to be clear as water, compassion, and a high level charmer. 

Mustika Embun 
Consult about Mustika Embun which is often named by Ice Mustika. It is similar with Mustika Air but its difference is in the clarity like ice. Mustika Embun is also popular with its efficacy for charmer, compassion, and opening human aura. 

Rajah Sakti 
Consult about Asmak and Rajah Amulets, Rajah Kala Cakra, Javanese Rajah, Rajah for Compassion, Rajah Sulaiman, Rajah for Pelet, Rajah for Soul Charmer, Hand Rajah, Body Rajah, Magical Rajah, and many more. 

Tasbih Karomah 
Consult about Tasbih Karomah (Karomah Chaplet), Tasbih Magrobi, Tasbih of Wali, Tasbih Cendana Wangi, Tasbih Kokka, Tasbih Liwung, Tasbih Secang, Tasbih Gaharu, Tasbih Stigi, Tasbih Dewan Daru, Tasbih Kelor, Tasbih Nogosari, Tasbih Walikukun, Tasbih Rajah Asmaul Husna, and other kinds of chaplets. 

Bulu Perindu Asli 
Consult about Bulu Perindu which has been popular for pelet and pengasihan, and also subduing anyone’s heart easily. Beside that, Bulu Perindu is also efficacy for moving, spinning, and walking in the water. Reputedly, the spinning of Bulu Perindu is against the flow of water. 

Kitab Stambul 
Consult about Kitab Stambul or Kitab Istambul. It is a book which has small size; there are Arabic writing, Javanese, and other languages in it. Its popular efficacy is for self approaching to God, opening inner eye, protection from witchcraft, and many more. 

Taring Macan 
Consult about one of objects which are hunted, both of hunting its powerful magic and only collecting the unique goods.  Taring Macan is surely popular for a high level authority, subduing the troops easily, and arousing supernatural brother. That’s why many indigenous leaders use Taring Macan Pendant/Necklace as their heirloom. 

Mustika Susuk (for Beauty and Handsomeness) 
Consult about Mustika Susuk, what is it? People know this Mustika as a substitution of Pasang Susuk (inserting supernatural object to the part of body). Not everyone is daring to set a supernatural object by inserting gold, diamond in her/his face, but they appear charming with Ajian Susuk. For those who fear or do not want to insert it, they can use Mustika Susuk as the substitution, and its result is not inferior with pasang susuk. 

Kinds of Magical Heirloom 
Consult about Rantai Babi, Kebo Landoh, Pring Pethuk, Buntel Mayit, Kol Buntet, Jenglot, Batara Karang, Kantong Macan, Supernatural Stone, Magical Mustika, Powerful Khodam, Heirloom of Supernatural Attraction, and many more. 

Heirloom Talisman for Compassion 
Consult about Compassion Talisman (luck in mate), its shape be in talisman, gemstone, heirloom, rajah, asmak, karomah chaplet, and other magical objects. 

Heirloom Talisman for Puter Giling
 Consult about Puter Giling Talisman (bringing back a partner), its shapes are in gemstone talisman, heirloom, rajah, asmak, karomah chaplet, and other magical objects. 

Heirloom Talisman for Career and Position 
Consult about Talisman for Career and Position (for increasing degree and long last of position), its shapes are in gemstone talisman, heirloom, rajah, asmak, karomah chaplet, and other magical objects. 

Heirloom Talisman for Luck in Trade 
Consult about Lucking Talisman (for luck in trade and other business) its shapes are in gemstone talisman, heirloom, rajah, asmak, karomah chaplet, and other magical objects. 

Heirloom Talisman for Commerce 
Consult about Commerce Talisman (for luck in business, trade, and winning tender) its shape be in gemstone talisman, heirloom, rajah, asmak, karomah chaplet, and other magical objects. 

Heirloom Talisman for Sixth Sense 
Consult about Sixth Sense Heirloom (opening inner eye easily) its shape be in gemstone talisman, heirloom, rajah, asmak, karomah chaplet, and other magical objects. 

Kinds of Magical Talisman 
Consult about Heirloom Talisman for Supernatural Protection, Heirloom Talisman for Opening Inner Eye, Heirloom Talisman for Artist, Heirloom Talisman for Supernatural Brother, Heirloom Talisman for Headman, Heirloom Talisman for Regent, Heirloom Talisman for Mayor, Heirloom Talisman for Governor, Heirloom Talisman for President, Heirloom Talisman for People’s Representative Council and Legislative, and other magical heirloom. 

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