Biografi Tora Sudiro
Nama Lengkap: Gusti Taura Danang Sudiro
Nama Populer: Tora Sudiro
Tanggal Lahir: 10 Mei 1973
Tempat Lahir: Jakarta, Indonesia
Profesi: Aktor atau Artis

Tora Sudiro was born on 10 May 1973 in Jakarta. Tora is an actor, and comedian Indonesia.Tora is the first child of two brothers mate Tanto Sudiro and Pinky Mardikusno.

He never won “Piala Citra” best leading actor in the Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) in 2004. Through the movie “Arisan!”, Who starred with Surya Saputra, Cut Mini, Aida Nurmala and Rachel Maryam. In the movie Tora plays a fairly controversial character as gay men, who jumped into a kiss with the opposite charge her play, Surya Saputra. A kiss between two men who recorded the first time in film history Indonesia.on 2005 and 2006, he won the Panasonic Cup Award as the most favorite actor.

Before entering the film, Tora was an insurance worker, sound engineer and advertising. In fact he never been to school in New Zealand to study the sound engineer. He also had no educational background in film. The first time he starred in tragedy. But the film’s direction has not been hoist Rudi Soedjarwo name. New name is flying after he starred in the film Arisan!. Bid to play in several soap operas flowed. Anyone familiar with his face on the show comedy entertainment Extravaganza at one private television station. From there, the public television audiences began to know him.

Tora Sudiro also famous as an actor who collects a lot of tattoos on his body.

Karier Tora Sudiro:
    * Tragedi (2001)
    * Arisan! (2003)
    * Janji Joni (2005)
    * Banyu Biru (2005)
    * Ekspedisi Madewa (2006)
    * D’Bijis (2007)
    * Naga Bonar (Jadi) 2 (2007)
    * Quickie Express (2007)[2]
    * Otomatis Romantis(2008)
    * Namaku Dick (2008)
    * Tri Mas Getir (2008)
    * Laskar Pelangi (2008)
    * Cinlok (2008)
    * Wakil Rakyat (2009)
    * Benci Disko (2009)
    * Krazy Crazy Krezy (2009)
    * Preman In Love (2009)
    * The God Babe (2010)
    * Roman Picisan (2010)
    * Dua Bintang Tiga Persona (2010)

    * Para Pencari Tuhan (2008) sinetron religi di bulan ramadhan
    * Dunia Tanpa Koma (2006) (sinetron / mini seri)
    * Juni di Bulan Juli (2006) (FTV)
    * Malam Pertama (sinetron)
    * Dunia D
    * Bunda (sinetron)
    * Extravaganza
    * Lajang

Iklan TV
    * Frestea (2002)
    * Mie ABC (2005)
    * Suzuki APV (2005)
    * Rider (2008)
    * AC LG Hercules (2009)
    * Biskuat Susu (2011) bersama Mieke Amalia
    * Indomilk (2012)