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If triggers are defined on the table, drop them, and rerun the code that created them. Describe every error in the database in the session edition. Describe every actual object in the database, in every edition. At least one user of an ancestor edition issues a DML statement for the table on which the trigger is defined. This category includes SQL in an invoked subprogram only if the subprogram is local to the forward crossedition trigger. When a referenced object is actualized in an edition, all of its dependents that are not yet actualized in that edition become actualized in that edition in an invalid state. Therefore, an editioned object cannot have dependents that cannot be actualized.

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Therefore, an edition can reuse the name of a crossedition trigger created in an ancestor edition. Reusing the name of a crossedition trigger does not change the conditions under which the older trigger fires. Editions inherit noncrossedition triggers in the same way that they inherit other editioned objects (see “Inherited and Actual Objects”). This example uses an edition, an editioning view, a forward crossedition trigger, and a reverse crossedition trigger. You need reverse crossedition triggers only if you do step 10, which is optional. Child cursors cannot be shared if the set of crossedition triggers that might run differs. The dynamic performance views V$SQL_SHARED_CURSOR and GV$SQL_SHARED_CURSOR have a CROSSEDITION_TRIGGER_MISMATCH column that tells whether this is true.


Describes every actual object in every editioning view in the database, in every edition. Useful for showing which users have editions enabled. The APPEND hint on a SQL INSERT statement does not prevent crossedition triggers from firing.

Example 19-9 shows how to create the editioning view from which other users will access the table Contacts while you are redefining it in the new edition. For example, suppose that a column of the new table has a UNIQUE constraint.

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Microsoft also makes editions of Windows 10 available to device manufacturers for use on specific classes of devices, including IoT devices and previously marketed Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones. The table below lists which upgrade paths allow for an in-place install.

  • A logical processor is either a physical or SMT core.
  • Oracle recommends choosing a new name that is related to the original name and reflects the change history.
  • The following table summarizes possible upgrade paths that can be taken, provided that proper licenses are purchased.
  • For a more complete and detailed list, see Overview of Key Features.
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  • Both versions are eligible for Extended Security Updates for up to three years after their end of extended support dates.

Suppose that you must redefine Contacts, replacing the Name column with the columns First_Name and Last_Name, and adding the column Country_Code. Also suppose that while you are making this structural change, other users must be able to change the data in Contacts.

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The other editions focus on other markets, such as the software development world or enterprise use. All editions support 32-bit IA-32 CPUs and all editions except Starter support 64-bit x64 CPUs.

Is the edition in which the triggering DML statement runs. The current edition might differ from the session edition (for details, see “When the Current Edition Might Differ from the Session Edition”). If the new indexes were used only by the crossedition triggers, drop them. If the new indexes might negatively impact the old edition , make them invisible. In the crossedition triggers that must use the new indexes, specify them in INDEX hints.

Windows 10 editions

Semi-availability is acceptable for applications such as online dictionaries, which users read but do not change. Make the editioning view read-only if you do not define All Editions – crossedition triggers on the base table. The static data dictionary views that display information about triggers are described in Oracle Database Reference.

Note that in-place upgrades can only be performed when the previous version of Windows is of the same architecture. If upgrading from a 32-bit installation to a 64-bit installation or downgrading from 64-bit installation to 32-bit installation, a clean install is mandatory regardless of the editions being used.

Making an Edition Available to Some Users

In other words, a noneditioned object cannot depend on an editioned object (for examples, see “Rules for Editioned Objects”). The unchanged object in the parent edition is no longer visible in the child edition. A noneditioned subprogram cannot have a static reference to a subprogram whose owner is editions-enabled. Every newly created or upgraded Oracle Database starts with one edition named ora$base. Enables you to upgrade the database component of an application while it is in use, thereby minimizing or eliminating down time.

All Editions –

For information about the APPEND hint, see Oracle Database SQL Language Reference. Crossedition triggers can be ordered with triggers defined on other tables, while noncrossedition triggers can be ordered only with other triggers defined on the same table. If you drop or rename the base table on which an editioning view is defined, the editioning view is not dropped, but the editioning view and its dependents become invalid. However, any triggers defined on the editioning view remain. The EDITIONS_ENABLED column of the static data dictionary view DBA_USERS or USER_USERS shows which users have editions enabled. You need not know the EDITION_NAME of an object to refer to that object . The context of the reference implicitly specifies the edition.

Inherited and Actual Objects

Use this procedure only if you will change the structure of one or more tables, and while you are doing so, other users must be able to change data in those tables. In every edition except the new edition, make the editioning views read-only. In the new edition, if the editioning views are read-only, make them read-write. Because the editioning view has the name that the table had, objects that reference that name now reference the editioning view. Application users are granted object privileges only on the editioning view, not on the table. Describes the columns of every editioning view in the database, in every edition. Describe every object in the database that is visible in the session edition.

Before dropping the post-upgrade edition, you must disable or drop any constraints on the new columns. You are rolling back the application upgrade (dropping the post-upgrade edition). You lock only one set of rows at a time, for a relatively short time, instead of locking the entire table. Fire the trigger that defines the transform on every row of the table, one row at a time. The triggers specified in the FOLLOWS or PRECEDES clause must exist, but need not be enabled or successfully compiled.